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【PRODUCT】Miva DUAL Bio-rejuvenation Serum

【PRODUCT INFORMATION】Miva DUAL Bio-rejuvenation Serum is manufactured with the world's top biotechnology and contains extremely rare Human basic fibroblast growth factor (hbFGF), which can awaken quiescence cells, make them proliferate and transform themselves, eventually regenerate skin tissues. Human basic fibroblast growth factor (hbFGF) penetrates deep into the skin tissue to help promote metabolism and nutrient absorption, eliminate melanin and rearranging collagen fibers, achieve skin care, anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation, whitening, and anti-acne effects. The essence is watery and light, suitable for any skin type—Research in Hong Kong, made in Japan.

【INGREDIENT】Human basic fibroblast growth factor (hbFGF), Water, Glycerin, DPG, Pentylene glycol, Acrylates, Xanthan gum,Potassium Hydroxide,Phenoxyethanol,Carnosine,Oligopeptide-1,Oligopeptide-3

【USAGE】Use it every 2 days. Human skin cell metabolism is most active during the morning to noon period, so it is recommended to use the serum during this period for the best effect

  1.  Apply the serum evenly on the face, avoiding the skin around the eyes
  2.  Gently massage the face to ensure that the essence is fully absorbed




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